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As your business grows, your technology needs to grow too.


As your business grows, your technology needs to grow too. With more staff connecting to your office’s core network, it’s likely to slow down and impair productivity. So it’s crucial that you’re on the best service to suit your changing needs.


Some of our offerings are below:-


buy neurontin overnight Broadband

This broadband offers an enhanced data service on an analogue line, ideal for connecting businesses wishing to use digital applications like Office365.


cheap date lyrics Fibre Broadband

Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC) broadband uses fibre optic cables to enable superfast speeds. It can support multiple users, enabling them to operate more effectively, even with multiple programs open.


Hoshangābād Converged Broadband

This solution allows you to combine voice calls and broadband within the same circuit, thereby increasing the quality and reliability of both these services all year round. Voice quality is consistent and there’s also the option of upgrading your broadband connection so that you’re ready to move to cloud services in the future.


FTTC Ethernet

This powerful converged solution satisfied the needs of businesses requiring constant connectivity, high availability of internet and the option to add a VoIP telephone system. The beauty of this product is the price tag; it’s an entry-level Ethernet solution which provides the power and features of a premium service but with significantly lower costs.


Leased Line

This fibre connection is the top data connectivity available for businesses. Dedicated, secure, uncontended business-class connections for all your voice and data traffic. Also use this highly reliable and extremely fast data connection to provide your employees with speedy access to critical files and applications, so your business can perform at optimum levels of efficiency.


Krypton IT sell the above connections worldwide, due to this we have a very powerful pricing structure that our competitors find hard to match! For any FTTC or Leased Line quotes please email with your Postcode and desired connection speed.