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The Difference Between Disaster Recovery
and Backups: Why you Need Both


Disaster Recovery (DR): A strategic security planning model that seeks to protect a company from the effects of natural or human-induced disaster, such as a building fire or cyber-attack. A Disaster Recovery (DR) plan aims to maintain critical functions before, during, and after a disaster event, thereby causing minimal disruption to business continuity.


Backup: The copying of data into a secondary form (i.e. archive file), which can be used to restore the original file in the event of a disaster event.


As you can see, they aren’t synonyms, and you can’t ignore either one. Disaster recovery and data backups go hand in hand to support business continuity. However, recognising the difference between disaster recovery and backups is essential to building a resilient business strategy.


Krypton IT provide both services for our clients, using Veeam Backup and Replication Software. All our clients data for their Disaster Recovery (DR) is held in our own Datacentre in the UK.


Contact us for a FREE IT Health check which will include checking on how your Data is being managed


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